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We assist our clients on a regular basis with regards to labor/employment matters. Since most of our clients engage in labor relations either with resident or non-resident individuals, BCO is often called upon  to provide legal advice, draft labor contracts or litigate on behalf of our clients. Subsequently to the legislative amendments of 2013 to the Labor Code of Georgia as well as the introduction of Labor Inspector Institute, the need for qualified legal advice regarding  employment matters has significantly increased.

BCO has drafted employment contracts in various industries; therefore our team is familiar with the specifics of each area. Our firm provides advice on employee benefit plans, compensation packages and other respective employment schemes. Our expertise further extends to labor conditions, health and occupational safety. 


Work Permits

The majority of our clients are foreign investors seeking to obtain work permits for their potential employees. We not only provide legal advice regarding the issue, but also act as an intermediary with respective state agencies.

Labor Disputes

BCO have been representing both sides of employment relationships - we have represented employers as well as employees. Our experience includes without restriction: labor disputes on tort liability, termination of employment, wage disputes, strikes and lockouts. 


Considering the wide array of issues regarding labor/ employment, our firm offers a variety of services to meet our clients’ needs.  The most prevalent types of services rendered by BCO are as follows:
  • Issuing legal Opinions/reports on various aspects of employment relations.
  • evaluating existing employment contracts from the local law standpoint;
  • drafting employment agreement;
  • legal advice on tax issues;
  • legal advice on work conditions, health and safety standards;
  • dispute resolution through mediation/ arbitration/ litigation;


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