Merger/ Acquisition

Regardless of the industry in which our clients are involved, certain aspects of corporate law are always pertinent. We have created and drafted key legal documents such as charter, shareholder’s agreements and other founding documents for a range of legal entities throughout our two decades of experience.  Whether it is establishment and formation, acquisition, reorganization or subsequent administration of a legal entity, our team provides speedy and efficient assistance. 

BCO offers virtually all aspects of corporate law ranging from mergers and acquisition to insolvency and restructuring.  Our comprehensive services encompass everything from pre-acquisition negotiations and advice to post-closing issues. The firm has handled the most complex acquisitions involving national legal entities as well as non-resident investors.


An abundance of state owned property is common owing to the legacy of the Soviet past of Georgia. Since 1990’s the process of denationalization began and is still on going. BCO has been heavily involved in the privatization practice for more than 20 years. Our firm offers organization of bidding consortia, implementation of tenders and preparation of all necessary legal documents (business plans, analysis, bidders, documentation, etc.). We have experience in holding negotiations between parties of transaction, preparing due diligence reports, participating in execution of the necessary proceedings set forth by the relevant state authorities of Georgia.

The firm was involved in the privatization law review of South Caucasus region. Moreover, the firm took an active position in drafting  the Law of Georgia on Personal Investment Funds.

Insolvency/ Liquidation  

The exit of corporations is an essential phase of the business lifecycle and our team provides expert advice on the issue. BCO gained well-deserved recognition for its insolvency/ liquidation/ reorganization expertise, due to the vast experience of our company. Whether it is bankruptcy or restructuring, our firm takes charge and full responsibility for their due conduct from the beginning to the end of proceedings.


Our Services:

  • Pre-incorporation advise;
  • Registration/ Changes in registration details of legal entities;
  • Setting up branches/ representative offices;
  • tax authorities;
  • Capital Increase/ decrease transactions;
  • drafting a charter;
  • drafting a shareholder’s agreement;
  • transaction structuring;
  • negotiations and drafting of stock purchase agreement;
  • joint venture agreements;
  • memorandum of understanding;
  • due diligence reports;
  • full assistance through bankruptcy/liquidation proceedings;
  • other respective legal documents;


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