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BCO offers not only legal assistance but also practical advice on intellectual property issues. Our expertise encompasses most of the IP related fields such as copyrights, patents, registered designs etc.    

Trademarks uniquely distinguish a firm, and indicate on the authenticity of its goods and services. Even though proprietary rights in trademarks may be established through their actual use in the marketplace, registration with the relevant state authorities is the only guaranteed of their protection. We have extensive experience in registering and defending our clients’ rights in trademarks and trade secrets, which includes provision of the legal advice, licensing arrangements and representation of our clients in disputes related to the infringement of respective IP rights.

Our company intermediates between clients and the National Intellectual Property Center – “Sakpatenti” on the various matters related to patents and registered designs. The needs of our clients vary from scientific inventions to food and beverage recipes. BCO is proficient in the registration proceedings set out by “Sakpatenti” and offers prompt and efficient services. Additionally, our lawyers engage in administrative and civil proceedings in order to protect the rights and interests of our clients.

We have provided legal advice on intellectual law matters to the following corporations: Hyundai Motor Company, LLC Philip Morris Georgia, JSC Lagidze etc. BCO’s team frequently assists individuals engaged in arts and IT on the copyright issues.


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