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BCO’s experienced lawyers have litigated and defended clients’ interests in all parts of the country and in every instance of the Georgian courts. Furthermore, our team has prepared legal documents for  disputes heard in the Constitutional Court of Georgia.


Litigation is an essential part of the services our firm offers. We engage in litigation on behalf of all our clients when necessary.. Our wide array of litigation services ranges from administrative to customs, tax and intellectual disputes. We regularly challenge unfavorable rulings and actions of the state regulatory agencies in courts and in the majority of cases, we reach the desired outcome. BCO’s experience includes multi-million disputes of large oil and gas Investors, customs and tax disputes of sea ports and wholesaler importers, and insurance disputes of national and foreign corporations.  

Our firm remains in the know of  international legal developments. Moreover, BCO has pioneered in procedural technicalities of litigation, in which more than one jurisdictions are involved. For, instance the Company commenced the court practice of rendering provisional measures in support of foreign court proceedings. In addition, we frequently engage in recognition of foreign court judgments and arbitration awards. 


BCO is actively engaged in practice and promotions of  alternative means of dispute resolution (ADR). Our lawyers have appeared at international arbitration panels, such as Paris Court of International Arbitration. Members of BCO have even served as arbitrators in the International Chamber of Commerce.  It is noteworthy that the founding partner of BCO chaired the International Arbitration Court of Georgia.


Our lawyers have outstanding knowledge of Insolvency proceedings, which are administered by the national courts under the Georgian law.  BCO ensures  responsibility of timely and proper conduct of insolvency proceedings.


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