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Certainly, the majority of economic activities are taxable, however the question remains as to the amount of the taxes due. The answers can be found in the Tax Code of Georgia, nevertheless it will not be as straightforward as one would expect. The dubious language of tax provisions as well as the technical complexity of the subject gives rise to several interpretational issue, some of which might be detrimental for national/ foreign undertakings. Our team’s years of experience and regular practice enables us to filter  through the Tax Code provisions and ensures the most optimal outcome for our clients.      

BCO’s tax advice is of central importance to the majority of our clients. Whether it is day-to-day operation or complex transaction, our firm always provides cost-efficient solutions. Our expertise includes tax advice on  cross border transactions. More precisely, we have represented national/ foreign legal entities acquiring and/ or disposing businesses abroad. The firm has rendered the following tax services: structuring business deals, negotiating and drafting tax related terms of the agreement, advising on tax legislation and tax regulation issues, representing our clients in courts and in negotiations with the Revenue Service of Georgia.

Court proceedings can be the last resort for our clients in order to safeguard their economic interests.... BCO has ample experience in litigation and practice has evidenced preferential outcomes for our clients.


BCO has provided legal advice on customs law for decades. Recent ambitious undertakings by the Georgian government has magnified the demand for  qualified expertise in customs and trade law. After the signing  of Deep and Comprehensive Trade Agreement with the European Union and free trade agreements with the three neighboring countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey), the volume of Georgia’s customs regulations has significantly increased.

We  monitor the latest decisions, rulings, laws and by-laws, therefore our knowledge on recent regulatory changes is current  and up to date. Our services entail establishment and licensing of customs warehouses, placement of goods under various customs regimes, drafting agreements between our clients and customs brokers or customs carriers.



  • Registration with tax authorities;
  • legal advice on tax matters;
  • negotiating with tax authorities;
  • drafting tax provisions in contracts;
  •  structuring business deals;
  • litigation;


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