The years of experience led to friendly ties with the respective state authorities in each and every industry we operate. Our firm is well accustomed with the proceedings in various state agencies and has accumulated excellent contacts throughout the past twenty years. Our knowledge and social capital helps us to render services with high efficiency and remarkable precision.

Close cooperation with regulatory and supervisory agencies is required at all stages of our projects. Be it licenses and permits at the early stages of project or after-closing checks and audits, regulatory involvement is unavoidable. BCO takes full responsibility for conducting preliminary negotiations, oral or written communication, preparation and review of documents and, if necessary, challenging their rulings and actions.

Our team ensures that not a minute of our clients’ time is lost and not a single effort is wasted. BCO always keeps the track of proceedings at the regulatory agencies and eliminates any deficiencies at their earliest occurrence. We frequently facilitate our clients to clear up contentious issues with the state regulatory and supervisory agencies and come up with the most acceptable solutions for them.

BCO is proficient in challenging unfavorable rulings of state agencies. Our lawyers master both administrative and court proceedings in this respect. In the majority of cases our involvement brings the desired result for our clients.

There is a long list of regulatory agencies with which our company has worked with. We frequently cooperate with the State Agency on Oil and Gas, National Oil and Gas Corporation, Georgian Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission, Competition Agency of Georgia, the National Bank of Georgia, National Agency of State Property and so on.

Our Services:

  • advice on regulatory practice;
  • preparing and reviewing legal documents;
  • facilitating in obtaining licensing/ permits;
  • negotiations/ communications;
  • challenging rulings and actions;


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